Plastic Solutions for the
Wind Industry

We supply, produce and develop plastic parts
of high quality and precision.


We can support OEM’s, Tier 1 suppliers to the Wind industry with:

  • Cost out suggestions by changing metals to plastics
  • Weight reduction by changing metals to plastics
  • The best choice of material for a given application

The correct choice of material is important for any application to function as efficiently as possible. We help you find the right choice of plastics.

We take a look at durability, longevity, elasticity, fire-proofing, electrical capabilities and we find a material that fits with the loads and temperatures the application has to operate in. This process will also help finding the most cost-effective solution.


In the development phase of new components or products, we can help with mapping the needs of your specific application, and do pre-examinations to find the best solution before putting anything into production.

We test the components “form, fit and function” by 3D-printing different versions for testing. Based on the tests we can do adjustments to the component until it matches all the demands of the customer.

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